MAY! or May-be!

Hello again, my lovers of all things beautiful!

I want to share a card with you that we MAY make for our next classes on 4th and 5th of May. I have used the Lush Lilac collection…… & my head is buzzing with ideas. Sometimes I wish that my body could work as hard and fast as my head!!

If you would like to join us on either day, please just e-mail me from the CONTACT page on this blog. I’d love to share the card with you.


20180428_170750_001                   As usual, all of the sparkles don’t show up. It is VERY sparkly! The flowers are all covered in glitter, as are the frilly edges down the sides. I have added a close up so you can see the flower sprays a little more clearly.  I have used 20 little flowers on this card, but having a Lilac Flower mold makes it much easier and quicker.

Th flowers still have to be stamped, coloured and cut out before molding, ‘tho’. However, we used to have to mold the flowers by hand, which is quite a lengthy process.

Can I here you ask “What is inside the bird cage?” ? Well…..I’ll show you!


Pretty, Eh?!   Like it? I’m not sure if this is the card for May! May be!

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs                    Jenny x



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