Hi, Everyone

Just been outside pulling out spent petunias and replanting the pots with pansies! I do like our annuals to keep the place looking bright – and goodness only knows we can do with a bit of bright at the moment.

I didn’t realise the fine mist was actually wetting me as much as it did. I was saturated!! Wetcold!!

“Dogwood Roses” 

  1. The base card was white measuring 10″ x 6.5″ scotred at 5″ for a side fold card.
  2. Next a mat of coloured card 4.75″ x 6.25″. This colour will also be the colour of your flowers etc.
  3. The white mat measured 4.25″ x 5.75″.
  4. Before this card was attached to the coloured mat the face was covered with a fine, even coating of “dries clear” glue.  This can be applied with either a small piece of sponge or a sponge brush. It is important that the glue is fine and even.
  5. This card was then put into a tray and the Crystal Clear (glitter) was poured over it to completely cover the glue. Tap off the excess glitter  & pour it back into the container throughthe spout on the tray.
  6. Leave it to one side to dry.
  7. Stamp the 2 smaller sets of petals on white card using the colour that has been chosen for your card.
  8. Stamp both sets of leaves with a green ink.
  9. Using markers, colour the flower branch (flowers, stems and leaves) from “Flowering Dogwood and Doves” set and stamp on white card.
  10. Next comes all of the die cutting    – Flowers, leaves, flower branch, and, from white card, the arched window frame, and 2 small corner pieces from “Fleur Borders and Pockets”.
  11. Sponge the top half of each petal with your chosen colour and make as per the demonstration at Heartfelt Creations.
  12. Put a small drop of glue in the centre of each flower and pour in some “Gilt Trip” prills.
  13. Arrange all of your pieces on the card before attaching so that they can be shifted around until you are happy with the placements. My example was displayed on yesterday’s blog. The ladies in my class tried all sorts of different colours & every one of the cards looked spectacular!!






Here Veronica, Beryl G and Olwyn are hard at work “creating”!!






Until tomorrow





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